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A . Clothes:

The emphasis is on comfort and informality on safari. You will need warm pullovers and jackets for early mornings and evenings. Safari hats and sunglasses are useful as protection against the sun and dust. We recommend a safari jacket with pockets, a pair of comfortable shoes, shorts during the day, light cotton trousers, t-shirts and swim wear.

B. Baggage:

There is limited space in safari vehicles and charter aircraft, and soft-sided luggage is preferred. The luggage allowance on internal flights is 15 kg. per person. We recommend that you arrange for insurance for your luggage.

2. What vaccinations and/or medications do I need?

Malaria is endemic in certain areas of East Africa, and all visitors are urged to take the necessary precautions. Anti-malarial medication should be taken before, during and after your journey, according to prescription recommendations. (Note: Halfan, Meflaquin and Larium can cause allergic reactions. Please ask your doctor for details.) There are chemists/pharmacists in all major centres, but visitors requiring special medication should pack sufficient supplies. Antiseptic cream for insect bites is also recommended. Finally, innoculations against Hepatitis A, Typhoid and Tetanus are recommended.

3. What type of shopping can I do and what forms of payment are accepted?

The best buys are curios such as wood-carvings, baskets and beadwork. There is also a wide range of semi-precious stones available. Old jackets, t-shirts, baseball caps, tennis shoes and jeans are useful for trading in exchange for curios on safaris. Most credit cards are acceptable modes of payment. In Kenya and Tanzania, it is advisable to carry $US 200 in 5, 10 and 20 dollar bills. A hidden pocket with a zipper is useful.

4. Are there any security concerns?

Do not carry large sums of money around with you. Keep a close watch on handbags, purses, wallets, etc when walking in crowded areas. Avoid walking alone at night, and lock your valuables up in hotel/lodge safe deposit boxes. Never leave valuables within sight in unattended cars or tour buses. We recommend that you do not bring expensive jewellery.

Please do not pack expensive electrical items and cameras in your checked baggage. Carry them in your hand baggage. Bring enough film and spare batteries. Video camera film is especially expensive here.

5. How much should I tip?

Most hotels and lodges include a service charge, but it is usual to add a small tip if the service has been good. It is normal practice to tip your safari driver-guide.

6. What are the visa regulations?

You will require a Kenyan visa ( $US 50 per person). You can buy the visa upon your arrival at the airport in Nairobi. We recommend that you get a one-month visa, even if you are staying less than one month, just to be on the safe side..

7. What is the weather like?

Although it can be hot and humid by the sea, the air is dry inland. Temperatures rarely fall below 18 C at night. There are two rainy seasons in Kenya. One is between mid-November and mid-December, and the other is from March - May. The rains fall mostly in the afternoon and night, and the sun is out in the day. September-October is Spring in Kenya, and you can see flowering trees and plants at this time. December to March is Summer, and the temperature is approximately 29 C in the middle of the day, but it is pleasantly cool in the mornings and evenings.

8. What is Discover Kenya???s legal responsibility to its clients on safari?

Discover Kenya Safaris Ltd. and its representatives act only as agents for the tour members in all matters relating to hotel transport, whether by aircraft, rail, automobile, motorcoach, ship or any other means. Discover Kenya Safaris Ltd. assumes no liability for injuries, damage, loss, accident or delay to person or property arising from any cause and in any manner howsoever.

The Company???s liability to passengers carried in its own vehicles is governed by the laws of the country in which the tour takes place, and all claims are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the country in which the case of action arises.

9. What are Discover Kenya???s deposit and cancellation policies?

A deposit of 25% of the tour cost is required at the time of booking. Cancellation fees are charged by lodges as follows:

Tours cancelled between 35 to 14 days prior to commencement will be subject to a cancellation fee of 15% of the tour cost per person. Cancellation received between 14 and 2 days will be subject to a 35% cancellation fee.

If you cancel within the last 48 hours, you will be charged 100%. Nairobi and Mombasa hotels charge one night???s fees if rooms
are cancelled less than 30 days before the date of booking.

10. Are there other service charges or taxes?

Generally, service charges are included, but porterage, tips, beverages, laundry and other personal costs are not included.


At Treetop, there are common baths on each floor. The Ark and Mountain Lodge have attached showers and WC. Children under seven are not allowed
at the Tree Lodges.

Tree lodges are 7500 feet above sea level, and warm jackets are required at night.

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